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Frequently Asked Questions

Hail damage can be particularly difficult to identify, and most homeowners discover major damage years down the road. It is best to have a trained professional to perform a full property inspection.
Yes. If your neighbors have storm damage and are getting their roof repaired or replaced, chances are very good you have storm damage as well.
Yes. If you plan to sell your home in the future, it is critical to address storm damage issues immediately. Many homeowners are shocked to learn they have costly storm damage to fix, years after the time to file an insurance claim has expired.
The most common problem associated with hail damage is that over time, water leaks through tiny holes in your roof and causes serious issues including mold and water damage to your decking and interior.
Peace of mind. If your home is damaged, you may have a short time to file an insurance claim. Since your insurance company limits the amount of time you have to file a claim it is important to get your claim approved and repairs scheduled as soon as possible.
The time you have to file an insurance claim varies by insurance company, but as a general rule, most insurance companies require you to file within 12 months of the storm date.
Insurance companies are prohibited from singling out any one homeowner for a rate increase based on an act of God damage claim, which includes hail, wind, tornado and hurricane storm damage claims.
There are many different types of insurance policies. Levels of coverage, exclusions and limits of liability vary greatly. Some policies provide basic coverage, while others offer broad coverage and high levels of protection.
The devastating nature of hail damage is you might not start experiencing problems, such as leaking, mold, or structural damage right away. But, because most insurance companies limit the time you can file a claim, it is important to get your roof fixed immediately, before your time to file a claim expires.
If your insurance company is paying for your repairs, it is in your best interest to hire a contractor who will provide quality service, workmanship, materials and a good warranty.
You can request 3 separate inspections and re-file a claim that has been denied. Make sure your contractor is present during your next inspection. An experienced contractor can often help get your claim approved, even if it has been denied previously.